“People who build their own home tend to be very couregous.”

Tom Kundig (1954-)


Trout Lake is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just a short drive from Telluride you are at a lake with surrounding peaks like no other location. The lake itself is so picturesque that in the fall the highway is jammed with photographers.

TruLinea was really fortunate to earn a commission in this special place at Trout lake in Telluride Colorado. In 2011 we were hired to design a new residence just below the historic water tower. But after lengthy meetings it was apparent that the planning board would not approve exactly what our clients were after. The plans were scrapped, but the experience was worthwhile.

So we changed directions and starting working on a remodel program. Because the existing home was already built and grandfathered into the community, we could remodel and refurbish a very old home near the lake. We were able to transform this unique property into the iconic lakeside mountain cabin. The home itself is small and quaint, but exquisitely detailed and furnished. Everything from the roof down was re-built and really planned out. In the end our clients are happy, and we achieved our goals collectively.

Sincerely, Luke Trujillo AIA