“People who build their own home tend to be very couregous.”

Tom Kundig (1954-)


P45 is going to be the largest and most notable house we have completed outside of Telluride. This project is located on a large lake just south of Montreal. My clients who are Canadian and English just love this location and the unique Lake Memphremagog. I was fortunate enough to gain this commission through trust and perseverance. We started this design based upon big views, and a floating pool. We also wanted to a pragmatic design for the long cold winters in the north-east.

The interesting feature of the house is that is intentionally broken into 3 separate pods. A connecting bridge and tunnel will act as a conduit for the circulation. On the east will be a bridge and wine room connector. The west will have a glass walkway out to the garage and shop. Most of the roof line was developed with the idea that all snow and ice will melt and run away from the big glass walls facing the lake.

This project is slated to start construction in the Spring of 2016. We are extremely excited to see this project built, and to carry out a dream space for our clients.

Sincerely, Luke Trujillo AIA