CFNC – Conceptual

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.”

Louis Kahn (1901-74)


The CFNC is an edifice specifically designed for intellectual growth. This is a place where people break their personal plateau’s, no matter from what walk of life they may come from. One might ask how this could be feasible. Financially this building is funded by a board of trustees with certain objectives. The objectives are based upon the ideal of personal conquest. The architecture itself is an armature for the inhabitants to build their own spaces within. The “head” is where all the public spaces occur, such as dining facilities, the gym and seminar rooms. The “scapula” or shoulder-blade is located to the upper left of the head are the sleeping facilities. The “cervical vertebrae” are the raw spaces for the inhabitants manipulation. The large vertical circulation shaft descending down from the entry cube, is how the inhabitants import the materials necessary for living.

The CFNC is located in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, for two main purposes. First to accent the power and visual grandeur of the canyon. Second, because of its high visibility from I-70, it creates a sense of curiosity due to its inaccessibility. The CFNC can only be accessed by helicopter, or on foot. Applicants will be chosen based upon their drive to lead a new generation of positive thinking. Some will come to write, some will come to build, all will come to fulfill a personal destiny.