138 Russel Drive

“I am always searching for more light and space.”

Santiago Calatrava (1951-)


138 Russel Drive is a design execution based upon sunlight, passive heating, and internal view connections to other design elements throughout the residence. In 2011 TruLinea got the opportunity to design a home that had a unique site that gathers all day sun. Gerber Construction was responsible with the construction from January, 2012 to March, 2013. The goal of the project was to create a lasting home that needed no daytime lights, and little in terms of heating loads to stay warm.

The home is comprised of ‘two houses’ connected by a central bridge and south facing courtyard. All the views from within the residence are controlled and directed towards the peaks, open spaces, the golf course, or the aspen trees. Horizontal slot windows frame views like paintings within the home.

Many details were incorporated during the design and construction process. Items such slot windows, reclaimed beams, steel accents, a new dining nook, a large open kitchen with zinc island, a free-span bridge, and large south facing patio create a wonderful flowing experience as you walk throughout the home. The upper level of the home has two master suites adjoined by the central roof connector and bridge which hangs on tie rods supported by massive steel beams.

Stone veneer on the exterior was gathered from nearby Wilson Mesa. Aplin Masonry helped the architect and owners to create a rustic yet new vision as seen from the street. The house is firmly grounded in its base upon the site. Reclaimed wood siding was gathered from beetle kill pine. The roof composition culminates in a combination of rusty metal corrugated, standing seam, and now no longer allowed wood shingle. The home has simple set of roof forms that create function and elegance.

The interior material palette has a surprising and cheerful combination designed by Theresa Nelson.

The home is located on the 15th fairway of the Telluride Golf Course. Nearby wetlands create a dramatic marsh and summer scene.