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“It's not as simple as asking people in the office if they like it.”

Helmut Jahn (1940-)


TruLinea is derived from the name Trujillo, and the ideas held true for architecture. When we established our office in 2007, we wanted to create a name that was comprehensive of many beliefs. We strongly believe that TruLinea is representative of our clients, our design teams, and our contractors. We are all in a partnership.

The most important project is yours. Our mission is to create very detailed projects that reflect to a high degree our relationships with our clients. Your vision and dream become our passion and process, which we deliver in the built environment.

Every great project should be unique and have the qualities that match our clients. Architecture is a process of discovery and implementation. Decisions and discovery lead to the unique. Ultimately all people want their own identity when it comes to their personal building. My philosophy on design and building is that of a “team” approach. Bringing together clients, builders, crafts people, engineers and designers must be carefully planned and managed process. Each participant is unique and does bring special talents to the table.

A great teacher once told me: “most people can play musical notes off a printed page, but true artistry is created when the music comes from between the notes.” Sweet music comes from between the notes, and so does great Architecture.

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Luke Trujillo is the principal architect and owner of TruLinea Architects Inc. His studies in architecture include a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from CU Boulder. Early training as an apprentice architect was gained at a number of design offices in Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Telluride.



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